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DevOps Engineer

Our Data & Platform Engineering team are looking to bring on a passionate individual to join our hardcore engineering ranks.

In this role, you’ll work alongside a diverse mix of brands – From Enterprise, FSI to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency startups. Your engineering talent will be put to the test in building the best solutions for our customers.

We don’t mind if you are a little bit more on the Dev side, or a little bit more on the Ops side, in fact we welcome diversity and encourage collaboration, mentorship and learning within our teams.

In this role you will:

  • Work with some of Australia’s best talent. We pride ourselves on first class capabilities and not just years of experience, but most importantly: Natural talent
  • Transform organisations through applying a DevOps mentality: We want to work with individuals who believe in transforming organisations to increase quality, speed and efficiency by closing the gap between Development and Operations. Someone who not only understands how to cut code and the underlying infrastructure pieces, but also understands the value in bringing culture / people, processes and technology / tooling closer together.
  • Develop, Build, Test and Maintain Infrastructure and Tooling used both by not only our clients and ourselves, in the quest to release secure applications, faster. We have an arsenal of closed source weaponry and tooling available to our team and we are always looking to constantly improve them. Some of our team members contribute to large open source projects and have had their tools included in Operating Systems such as Kali Linux
  • Become a Tech Expert. When we choose a Strategic Partner, we do it for good reason! In this role, you’ll be given an opportunity to work alongside our leading disruptive tech partners such as AWS, Aqua Security, HashiCorp, Red Hat and others, and work in an environment that will allow you to become an expert in the technology most interesting to you
  • Work alongside our customers to architect Deployment Pipelines, taking business requirements and technical processes and tooling into consideration and providing solutions that take CI/CD patterns of olde and inject it with steroids, from Development to Production, with every element thought about – including Security automation.

Location, Location - Location?

It’s a new world of working. Our clients, partners and your peers could be in the next room, next suburb, or across the globe. You’ll need to be able to collaborate well virtually with clients and team members to deliver strong outcomes; and self motivate the delivery of your work in the comfort of your own home.

Our customers include financial institutions, health sector organisations and government, so you will be employed from Australia and will need the required citizenship or work visa to work with us.

Of course, it’s not all about online. We want to be able to meet up and collaborate and have fun together when time, travel restrictions and the receding pandemic allow.

Grow with us

All the best people love to learn and broaden their knowledge, that’s why we provide team members with a self-development budget.

As well as a personal budget, we also proactively encourage on-the-job learning and development, this ensures that, as one of our Engineers, you will gain insight and experiences that even the best money can’t buy.

Do you have these skills? We're looking for you.

To deliver the very best to our customers, you’ll need to have the following skills:

  • Broad knowledge in DevOps, Scripting/Coding, CI/CD, Networking, Security and a desire to specialise deeply in one or more of these areas
  • HashiCorp Terraform
  • Good experience with AWS
  • Understand Docker best practices, understand how to build, run and secure Containers
  • CI/CD
    • Can clearly demonstrate the ability to produce a CI/CD pipeline
    • Familiar with tooling and concepts
    • CI/CD across Desktop, Mobile and Web
    • GoLang and Node.JS build and deployment tooling and processes
  • Strong skills in Linux
  • Either can write scripts (i.e. Bash, Python, Ruby) or be able to code in at least one modern language
  • Understand Dockerfile best practices, understand how to build, run and secure Containers

Nice to have

  • Qualifications such as CKA, CKAS, AWS, Azure, or GCP certs
  • Passion in security, such as bug bounties, security conferences
  • Deep understanding of Kubernetes

How to apply?

Accelera is an equal opportunity employer. We value (and seek out!) diversity.

Please send your CV and cover letter to careers@accelera.com.au.

Important note:
Recruitment and selection of candidates will comply with all legal requirements, and with relevant equal opportunity policies and guidelines as adopted by Accelera. Please note Accelera does not accept unsolicited CV’s or calls from Recruitment Agencies.

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