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Secure Container Platform

Cloud Native Security, Portability and Scalability

Cloud Native Secure Container Orchestration powered by Terraform Cloud for
Business. Designed for rapid innovation with security best-practice baked in.

Leverage the benefits of a secure Container Orchestration platform. Scale your containers with ease, improve governance and security controls, and better manage and monitor your environment.

Accelera’s Secure Container Platform, combines the power of Terraform Cloud for Business and AWS EKS, with Accelera’s knowledge of best-practice design and experience in Secure Cloud Native services, to provide you with a purpose-built and optimised, out of the box solution.

Out of the box

  • AWS Landing Zone

  • Terraform Cloud for Business / Sentinel policy as code

  • GitHub or Bitbucket Integration

  • 2 x AWS EKS Clusters

  • Optimised for Security and Agility

  • Design Document

Scalability, portability, agility and security in one.

  • Cloud Native – Innovate and build at the speed of Cloud.
  • Security Hardened – Peace of mind and confidence at your fingers.
  • Best Practice Design – Built on robust and reliable foundations.
  • Rapid Deployment – Just get started. Automate to remove distractions.

“Finding a local partner with the right credentials was surprisingly difficult - I guess that’s the challenge of being a pioneer for new technology. From day one we hit it off. I was really impressed. Accelera’s ‘to-the-point’ and practical approach, backed by their real-world experience made the working relationship effective and successful.”

ASX Top 100 SaaS Leader

Accelera Secure Container Platform - powered by:

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Ready to transform your environment?

You have started your Cloud Native journey, now is the time to let security embolden and not impede. With Accelera’s Cloud Native Security Services you will have the confidence to continue to disrupt your industry. Contact us your requirements today.