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Why Accelera

The Problem.

Business is at a crossroads that has been brought about by a number of forces. Faced with new buying behaviours from better-connected, more savvy and differently-driven customers, they are finding their traditional systems and processes can’t keep up. They’re being disrupted by newer, better-connected, more agile companies that speak in terms of a higher purpose. That build a culture around innovation and ongoing change, and focus on the customer first, knowing the rest will follow.

The answer many are turning to is a process of Digital Transformation. The trouble is, much of what is being tagged with this new term is not transformative, not new, and won’t change up the game in the way that is needed. The status quo is not going to cut it.

It’s our experience that where digital transformation is concerned, boards and executive teams value a discussion about strategic outcomes, changing pace, enabling innovation and making their business more effective. Instead, many find themselves bogged down in one about ROI, risk, and spend — the kind of discussion an established vendor will have, in order to maintain the status quo.

If you’re a business that’s working with an incumbent IT vendor to help you with digital transformation, it’s probably going to fail.

The Answer.

Accelera is about enabling customers to do things differently.

We get customers to question the relationship with their existing vendors.

We help them with implementing change that is fit for purpose, outcomes-focused and aligned with their strategy of doing business differently.

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