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5 questions to ask about your digital customer engagement readiness

Are you keeping up with customer engagement in a digital world? Digital disruption is demanding a fresh approach to customer engagement and it’s time to ask whether your organisation is adopting new approaches.

Here are five questions to ask yourself about how your organisations can review and improve customer engagement.

1. Is our customer base changing in demographic, age, or digital literacy?

How well you succeed at customer engagement can depend heavily on changes in your customer base and their expectations. Young people might be happy to transact with a mobile app, yet older customers might still prefer a branch office, as an example.

2. Are our customers using digital channels for engagement?

Having knowledge of customer trends is also important. Regardless of demographics, entire industry trends can persuade people to use different digital channels. Get as much engagement knowledge out of customers as you can.

3. Is our business culture ready to take advantage of digital channels?

The technology is available, but is the business ready to use it for digital engagement? Understand what needs to change if the organisation is stuck in a cultural rut of only doing customer engagement a particular way.

4. Are our processes and people enabling new digital engagement initiatives?

It’s a good idea to cross-check existing modernisation programs with digital customer engagement aspirations. The best customer engagement programs are end-to-end and your people might be well on the way to enabling them – or require a lot more work.

5. What strategy do we have for adopting an omni-channel approach?

Customers want to engage through a range of digital, and non-digital channels. Omni-channel is fast becoming a standard and it is demanding attention. Evaluate what options you do have and do some real-world testing to see how you fare when it comes to offering consistent service levels across channels.

  • Anthony Woodward is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Accelera